The Walnut Creek Watershed Management Authority (WMA) formed in 2014 as a mechanism for cities, counties, and soil and water conservation districts to cooperatively engage in watershed planning and management. This partnership is currently working to leverage resources and engage stakeholders to achieve watershed plan goals.

Members of the WMA consist of the communities, counties, and soil & water conservation districts located within the watershed boundary. Members include: The City of Dallas Center, The City of Grimes, The City of Johnston, The City of Urbandale, The City of Clive, The City of Waukee, The City of West Des Moines, The City of Des Moines, The City of Windsor Heights, Polk County, Dallas Soil and Water Conservation District, and Polk Soil and Water Conservation District.

Throughout the process, the Watershed Management Authority and its executive team have routinely met to provide input and oversight of the planning process.

About The Plan

The Watershed Management Plan is used as a guiding document by the authority board. This plan focuses on working across urban and rural landscapes to address local watershed issues including flooding and water quality.

Watershed Goals

Following local stakeholder input and watershed assessments, a series of goals have been set for Walnut Creek to steer implementation efforts.

Watershed Case Study

Three case study areas were identified during the planning process; one located in each the urban, rural, and developing areas of the watershed.

The Walnut Creek Watershed Management Authority was formed in 2014